Ideas and words do not harm. Not even opposing ideas or words cause harm. A diversity of ideas is good. The mind is like a parachute. It only works when it is open. The fool decides before knowing the facts. A wise person is hungry for truth. If these statements are true, why stop reading before you get to the end?

     There are several mental disorders in America now: addiction to entertainment, Dependent Personality Disorder, loss of common sense (using faulty reasoning that lead to false conclusions), using emotional conclusions when facts apply and materialism (getting into debt to buy items that are not wanted and/or cheating people). You can probably think of at least one other. Alcoholism and drug addiction are two examples of mental disorders that most people have heard of. The five previously mentioned mental disorders are more common, but far lesser known. Why? Because these disorders do not lead to injury or death as sometimes occurs with substance abuse. And because they are not illegal as is substance abuse. Since nearly every American has one or more of the first five mental disorders stated above, they will not likely notice their own affliction. However, you likely know of other people with an addiction to entertainment, DPD, lost common sense, ignore facts and use feelings and/or are materialistic. How can this be? How can these or other mental disorders be diagnosed and cured? The answers are below.

     To keep this a short read, only one mental disorder is explained. It is a major disorder that is spreading across the world and is related to the first five mental disorders stated above. Curing this mental disorder will reduce or maybe eliminate the first five and maybe even help the substance abuser. This widespread affliction is called the Immature Misology Disorder (IMD).


The Immature Misology Disorder


     There are two general perception types and reality types: objective and subjective. Objective means existing independently of the mind, the use of facts/truth without distortion by emotions. In contrast, subjective means relating to or determined by the mind. This includes emotions. Almost everyone can describe a Unicorn even though it does not exist. It exists in a subjective reality. In other words it exists as a concept dependent on the mind before it can be drawn or made into a 3 dimensional figure. However, it does not exist objectively. Most people perceive either mostly objectively or mostly subjectively. Everyone has at least some of both of these perception types, but the person who mostly perceives objectively is essentially immune to the Immature Misology Disorder. This does not mean that all subjective perception types will get or have IMD, but that their susceptibility is very, very high. Subjective people tend to like the arts, believe that objective reality is relative or does not exist, be influenced easily without facts, be idealistic, believe there is little or no right and wrong and let their feelings make conclusions. They also typically believe that other people see the world the way they do.



     To quickly diagnose whether you have IMD, take this test. To get accurate results you need to answer the questions with the first answer that you think of and answer the questions based on your real opinion. Lying to yourself may result in a false positive (show that you have IMD when you do not) or a true negative (show that you do not have IMD when you do).

1. Is morality different for each person?

2. Do you want to and/or do you verbally attack your political opponent rather than his/her argument?

3. Are the arts important?

4. Does it take you less than 5 seconds to make a decision on political issues?

5. Do you decide on a subject based on one of the many issues?

6. Do you feel social and economic problems can be solved by laws and restrictions?

7. Do you feel that freedom of speech means immunity to criticism for that speech?

8. Do you want health care to be operated by the federal government?

9. Do you dislike capitalism?

10. Do humans have a major influence on the environment?

11. Is the federal government getting too little tax money?

12. In general, do you dislike America (our culture, history, political system, capitalism, Constitution, etc.)?

13. Is the minimum wage a good idea?

14. Should most or all guns be outlawed? 

15. Is government responsible for citizens?

16. Are right-wingers heartless?

17. Does America’s strength encourage other nations to fight us?

18. Does the federal government have lots of legal authority within any one state?

19. Is racial and/or cultural diversity beneficial to a society?

20. Should there be “hate crime” laws?

21. Do you favor “political correctness”?

22. Are Welfare and Affirmative Action Constitutional?

23. Does the majority of the mass media favor the right-wing?

24. Do laws protect people?

25. Are you against capital punishment and support abortion for any reason?

     If  you  answered yes, mostly yes or yes most of the time to 12 or more of  these questions, you have IMD. The more yes answers, the worse your disorder.



     The reason IMD sufferers do not know that they have IMD is because they use what psychologists call Psychological Defenses. These are habitual, usually exaggerated and unconscious methods used to reduce or avoid anxiety or other unpleasant emotions. There are sixteen of these types of defenses, but four of these are commonly used by the person with IMD. These are:

= when you convince yourself that a situation or a characteristic does not exist. All the IMD sufferer has to do is convince him/herself that he/she does not have contradictory opinions (hypocrite), is not arrogant, is not lazy, is not dependent, is not emotional, is not immature, is not a misologist and does not have any or most of the other characteristics of a person with IMD. Examples: if a politician that an IMD sufferer likes votes opposite of how the sufferer would want, the sufferer will deny this when someone points this out to the sufferer. They often blame the messenger for bad news. They deny that government influenced/socialized healthcare will reduce quality and patient power, and increase waiting times, paper work and cost even though these are typical results of government involvement and typical of healthcare in nations that have socialized healthcare. They also deny that liberal/progressive politicians ever lie.

= seeing in others your own unwanted characteristics. The person with IMD believes that their opponents are hateful, greedy, stupid, closed-minded, hypocrite, bigoted, partisan, intolerant, liars, discriminatory and prejudged in spite of the fact that these are their own characteristics. Examples: They say that people who want to keep more of the money they earn are greedy while demanding government pay for the programs that IMD sufferers want. Wanting someone else to pay for your desires is very greedy. When an opponent makes a good but a contradictory point, the person with IMD may call the opponent “closed-minded.” Not agreeing is not closed-minded as long as the person who does not agree read or listened to and understands the opponent.

= removing personal connections from sensitive or unpleasant subjects and/or being vague or using symbolic terms in your argument so as to not notice that you are factually wrong. Truth is specific, but people with IMD are vague, very general and/or use mostly symbols or analogies in explaining their position. Examples: Contribution instead of tax, progressive instead of liberal, invest in America instead of government spending, “we need to move forward” instead of “you need to agree with me”. They believe that “unity through diversity” is not a contradiction in terms. Or “we need change” without stating what the change needs to be.  

= separating your conflicting feelings, ideas or attitudes from each other. Two ideas and/or actions are mentally separated so that their contradiction or conflict is not noticed. This is how a hypocrite does not notice his/her hypocrisy. Examples: The IMD sufferer may say that America needs to be more tolerant (lower sensitivity) and more sensitive (lower tolerance). They want to treat the effect(s) while ignoring the cause(s) of the effect(s). They believe that when government gets more power that this is “power to the people.” They complain about capitalism that supplies the money that pays for government programs that they want more of. They say they are loving, but use mean terms toward political opponents, try to silence them and accuse them of hatred (Projection). They want the Ten Commandments and other religious text and symbols banned from public places, but want more commandments by all levels of government to be forced on the sovereign people with law enforcement and threats of prison and/or fines. They say that America has a free market and that it is causing problems, while ignoring the many acts, agreements, bylaws, codes, covenants, doctrines, laws, mandates, ordinances, policies, procedures, public policies, regulations, restrictions, rules, statutes, treaties and the like that burden some businesses to the point of leaving America. They want more laws to stop businesses from exploiting workers, but do not notice the 50+ taxes that exploit taxpayers. They want to “level the playing field” by restricting the amount of time conservatives are on the air while defending the liberal domination of public schools, television, newspapers and magazines. They say they like a diversity of ideas while trying to prevent individuals with opposing views from publicly sharing “extremist” views (Projection).

     The person with IMD uses these psychological defenses so extensively that they are also symptoms of the disorder itself.



     Generally they ...

*prefer to follow than lead and are idealistic.

*react rather than think and/or research.

*tend to categorize people in groups (race, gender, religion, political party,...) rather than see people as individuals.

*often give-in to instinct and/or pleasure instead of using discipline.

*are very sensitive with mostly political issues.

*feel sorry for the poor and dislike the rich regardless of the reasons for the financial situation.

*believe business greed is bad, but government greed is not bad.

*prefer popular culture to old-fashioned values.

*replaced morality with law (actually Color of Law) and responsibility with big brother.

*often argue that they “have a right” whenever someone disagrees with their actions or statements.

*believe that liberalism has failed every time only because it was not done correctly.

*are angry at manger scenes, but not at “gay pride” parades or union strikes.

*feel that Affirmative Action discrimination counters discrimination.

*use and agree with political correctness.

*live for the here and now, and don’t learn from the past.

*feel that right-wingers are stupid, hate mongers, mean and bigoted.   

*still want reparations for the Indians and Blacks.

*hate Republicans no matter how liberal they are.

*feel that global warming exists and is caused by greenhouse gases.

*believe that more money to public schools will improve education.

*feel that businesses oppress and/or exploit, and governments create prosperity and never exploit.

*believe that the U.S.A. Constitution allows Congress and/or the president to pass almost any law.

*feel that taxpayer money is better spent by governments than by the taxpayers.

*believe that dependency on government is just as good as independency.

*are hedonists - if it feels good, do it.

*are arrogant - they believe they know what is good for us better than we do and demand government to force it on us all.

*traded freedom, political power and rights for government provisions and “security” (not security from tyranny, however).

*rely on rumors for their “facts”.

*have victimitis. The bad that happens to them is caused by someone or something else and they take no responsibility. 

*get information about conservatives/right-wingers from liberals/left-wingers.

*misinterpret/spin almost everything they read or hear to their liking.

*make excuses for the government crimes of perjury, bribery, extortion, fraud, embezzlement and murder.

*believe that our social problems (greed, hurried, short tempered, selfish, careless, immoral,...) are caused by conservatives even though our culture has moved politically left.

*are egalitarians, economic parasites and paranoid (= "characterized by suspiciousness, persecutory trends or megalomania.")    

     Suspicion = "mistrust b: a state of mental uneasiness and uncertainty: doubt, see uncertainty."

     Persecute = "1: to harass in a manner designed to injure, grieve or afflict; to cause to suffer because of belief 2: to annoy with persistent or urgent approaches (as attacks, pleas or importunities): pester."

     Megalomania = "1: a mania for great or grandiose performances 2: a delusional mental disorder that is marked by infantile feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur."


     The technical name for these symptoms is the Immature Misology Disorder (IMD). The term Immature describes the childish behavior the psychopath shows. Misology means “a hatred of argument, reasoning, or enlightenment”. The common names for people with IMD are liberal, progressive, leftist, collectivist and left-winger.   


     IMD immaturity is characterized by name-calling and ridiculing people with opposing views to silence them and to boost the “child’s” self-esteem. The typical IMD patient acts like the typical 10 year old in many ways: becoming angry easily (IMD patients/liberals quickly get mad at anyone believed to politically oppose them); gullible (they believe the government and media without question); automatic, knee-jerk reactions have priority over thinking (they usually do not wait for an opponent to finish his/her point before responding with a negative comment); hearing and seeing only what they want (they are spin doctors. Notice how they “answer” questions); rejecting as true anything disliked (accepting liberal ideas as truth without question); megalomaniac (crisis this, crisis that, carbon dioxide is harmful, “Republicans are taking food out of children’s mouths”); short-sighted (get as many liberal programs as possible and forget about the multitrillion dollar national debt totaling over $45,000 per American), simple-minded (they put people into few groups such as Democrat and Republican rather than judging individuals separately and they avoid details); demanding (“What do we want?!” “Healthcare!” ...); impatient (... “When do we want it?!” “Now!”); lazy (they want something without earning it and they want government to get it for them); irresponsible (they want government to supply what responsible people get for themselves); dependant (“Mommy government, can I have some Food Stamps?”, have DPD); lack common sense (they use honest deceptions, fallacies, change the subject, and respond with vague and/or symbolic terms or phrases); selfish (they are the Me Era, they want what someone else worked for and do not even say “thank you”); jealous (they want what the rich have); greedy (materialists, they want what is not theirs and want more when they get some); low standards (many liberals are addicted to entertainment, are slobs, have little to no shame, engage in unhealthy life styles and/or know little truth about current affairs); lack discipline (they do not even think about controlling their above problems and want government to discipline sovereign Americans); very conforming (believe and do what their peers believe and do even if it is wrong. See the Asch Conformity Experiment), trust strangers (trust people who work for government, but tend to distrust other people) and double-standards (for example, complain about a conservative who cheated on his/her spouse while defending or ignoring a liberal for doing the same). Again, each liberal varies in the degree and number of these symptoms.  
     Liberalism is a world view called Governmentalism or Collectivism. A world view is "the overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world." The world view of typical Governmentalists: Truth comes from politicians and rumors. Ontological status of the physical world - idealism. Existence of god - think of central government as god. Problem of evil - evil is caused by capitalism and lack of laws. Mind and body - dualism. Freedom and determination - freedom and rights come from central government and nature and laws effect determination. Freedom and authority - central government is the ultimate authority. Human’s highest good - serve politicians and care for nature. Origin of life - evolution. Morals - current social norms and laws. Values - collectivism. Relationship with government - subordinate to and dependent on.


1st - Open your mind, liberals. A story sounds true until you hear the other side. The fact is, there are always a minimum of two sides to every issue. Not every idea that our culture

repeats is a fact. The number of people with the same opinion has no effect as to its truthfulness. The news media does not always give the truth partly because they do not always

get the truth from their sources.

2nd - Stop believing what you read and hear from politicians, the mass media and public schools, and start a routine of fact finding using several different reliable sources. Answer

the questions who, what, where, why, when and how. Find the cause(s) of the effect(s). Stop listening to liberals tell you that you cannot succeed without government help. Believe

that you can succeed as most others have. Get the confidence in yourself that liberals took away. Say “I think I can. I think I can ...”

3rd - Realize that government cannot and will not cure your IMD. In fact, it is a big contributor to this disorder. Power-hungry politicians want dependency on them for job security,

power, money and status.

4th - Think instead of feel. Reason and analyze instead of react. Truth does not care about your opinions nor will it change to accommodate your opinions. There is only one truth

and it favors no one. Truth is not malice. Just because a truth is negative or disliked does not mean it is malice or false. Stop being angry at unfairness, the rich and conservatives.

Anger causes you to not think clearly and react hostilely to people with possible opposing views before you have heard or read the entire view. Any strong emotion can alter

perception and reduce common sense. Stop living for the here and now. What you do now may negatively affect or effect your mind and/or body years from now. Ignore the

intentions of liberalism and see it’s vast negative effects. Pity is the most dominating feeling that most liberals have. You are infatuated with poverty. Pity for others is OK to a point,

but expecting government to act on your pity is wrong. You believe America is a democracy where the majority rules. However, the poor and other people liberals pity are a minority.

Yet this minority gets the attention of a majority. You assume the poor never become middle or upper class and the middle and upper class never become poor and the assume

poverty is never the fault of the poor. End your excessive pitying and feel the pride of sovereignty and freedom as Americans did 100+ years ago.

5th - Realize that you have a problem. Usually the last person to know there is a problem is the person with the problem. Ask a conservative about your liberalism to help with

diagnosis. If you still honestly answer yes or mostly yes to more than 11 of the questions in the IMD Self Test, you should get help from a professional. Ask for Cognitive-Behavioral

Therapy with the intensity of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. This should cure the most severe case of IMD. Here is some mild therapy to start your recovery.

     Subjectivity depends on objectivity for its existence. For example, the mind (subject) depends on the brain (object) to exist. Color depends on the object. There cannot be color without the object. Your shadow depends on your body. The object (Primary Quality), therefore, is superior to the subject (Secondary Quality) because without it the subject cannot exist. Liberalism needs a lot of money to function. Liberalism consumes our money and capitalism earns it. Liberalism is dependent on and so is secondary/inferior to capitalism. People who depend on government are inferior to workers. Government depends on people because government consists of people (politicians, their staff, custodians to maintain the offices, ...) and people elect and pay their public servants, therefore people are superior to government.  

     Political Correctness is a liberal invention to censor and avoid truth. Ignore it.  

     You liberals (in general, of course) believe that truth is relative. This is a contradiction in terms. If relative, relative to what? It cannot be relative because this is contradictory. The statement that truth is relative is also relative, not truth. If truth were relative, then there would be no wrong or false - anything goes in court, physics, lying, theft, murder, robbery, ...

     Robbing Peter to pay Paul (euphemistically known as an entitlement, benefit or welfare) is wrong for these reasons: 1. The handout rewards Paul for doing nothing (search “operant conditioning”) thereby encouraging Paul to continue doing nothing. 2. Is not compassionate for Peter, who earned his pay with good work and maybe some good luck. 3. Physically unhealthy because Paul sits on his butt watching TV for hours a day. 4. Mentally unhealthy because Paul is absorbing the crap and lies from TV, may feel guilt that Peter is working for Peter’s and Paul’s income, and guilt for living as a taker only (no give and take). 5. Money that is given rather than earned will not be spent as wisely. 6. Peter feels anger, discriminated against and inferior because Paul gets to have a share of Peter’s income without Peter’s approval. And if Peter stops paying the tax that supports Paul, Peter may get imprisoned, fined or both. 7. Unfair/unequal to Peter (he has to pay) and Paul (he gets some of this pay). 8. Stealing, robbing, embezzlement and extortion are ethically wrong and legally wrong. It is ethically wrong to force workers to work almost two hours every workday (income tax alone) to pay Paul and others. Government can only give what it first takes. 9. Is unconstitutional. 10. Makes Paul a dependent and dependency is a weakness and puts Paul under the control of a fraudulent government. 11. Is based on a lie that Paul “cannot” keep a job or some other excuse or that Peter exploited Paul. In reality (in 99% of situations), Paul can work. 12. Government handouts will hurt Peter’s and Paul’s children with the national debt and lost power. What will happen when the takers outnumber the producers? 13. Peter is supporting problems (addiction to drugs, alcohol and/or gambling, etc.) that Paul likely has. 14. Equality is impossible because humans are so different in motivation, talent and career choices. 15. Is a disrespect for property (money is property) ownership and indicates that Paul wants some of his property stolen when the Golden Rule is applied. 16. Shows what a lazy, irresponsible, parasite Paul is. He probably has no pity for Peter and no shame of the burden Paul is putting on society. Is this what Paul’s parents wanted him to be when he grew up? Is Paul acting like a grown up?

      Most of these apply to government services such as those related to healthcare. Many liberals believe “it is a crime to let people die because they do not have healthcare.” Government services are wrong because: A. 1., 7., 8., 9., 10., 12., 14. and 16. above. B. People who seek help (medical or other) are not asked if they can pay before they get needed help. People must go get healthcare when it is needed. If they do not, they and they alone are responsible for their inaction. C. Liberals can help sick and needy people, but they typically want mommy government to do it instead. The above quote assumes that government must do the helping even though it is not even implied. D. Freedom means to let people do what they want as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others. Some people rather not spend money on insurance or healthcare. There are more people who die WITH insurance than those who die without insurance. E. All forms of care and preparations for care are the responsibility of, in this order – the individual, family, friends, charities. F. It is not a crime to let (as in allow) someone who has given up to die. Most liberals support doctor assisted suicide. It is the crimes of perjury and tyranny for the federal government to be involved in human care. G. What has government done so well that they deserve more responsibility? The Feds are bad at healthcare for our heroes. Just look at the Veteran’s Hospitals. Imagine how bad they will treat other Americans in the future.

     Even if Paul is a quadriplegic, he can still find a job, which some have. Does that hurt your feelings, liberals? There is no reason to label this fact negative and then get mad because this fact will not change for you. People who are truly physically and/or mentally unable to care for themselves can get help legally with the help of family, friends and/or charities (churches, organizations, etc.). These helpful groups have trouble competing for money against government because charities cannot steal money as does government. Charities care about the people they help because the people of charities volunteer their time to help. Government does not care about people as can be seen where the people “fall through the cracks”, as the liberals call it. Government just knows people by a nine-digit number and use the “disabled” as an excuse to get more power and money.

     Seeing a portion of the whole picture is common for liberals because it is easier. Every tax, fee and charge are ultimately paid by the taxpayer. Businesses do not pay taxes because they increase the price of their products or services. Rather they collect taxes from the consumer (as if a government agency) and then send the revenue to the incompetent governments where governments keep some of our money before handing out the rest.

     Conservatism dominated America from 1620 to about 1933. During this time, America became one of the most, if not the most, envied and prosperous nations in the world.”The land of opportunity.” Liberalism spread rapidly during the 1960s.

     Almost all of liberalism is unconstitutional, contradicts The American’s Creed, and is contrary to taxation with representation and freedom. It favors a very strong central government that watches over us. But who is watching the watcher to prevent any usurpations? An unwatched watcher is dangerous because there is no limit upon what they can do to us.

     Leftists call our public servants leaders and authorities. We are their leaders and authorities, not the other way around. We created their jobs, we hire (elect) them, fire them (recall or vote for their replacement), pay them (taxes) and they are supposed to represent us (govern by our consent). We the people of the U.S.A. are sovereign.

     Liberals feel that laws will fix problems and stop bad behavior. Laws are just words on paper. This obviously has not worked because the people for whom the laws are passed in response to are the ones who do not care about laws. Good people do not need laws to know what is right, only bad people do. But good people are much more likely to obey laws than the people who are the reason for the laws. Instinct, irresponsibility, stupidity and carelessness cannot be outlawed. Restrictions are the opposite of freedom. And there is no way anyone will find, read, understand, remember and obey all of the changing city, county, state and federal laws, color of law, rules, regulations, codes,... that supposedly apply to the people.

     Real compassion does not assume the worst in people by passing restriction after restriction with the belief that people are guilty until proven innocent.

     Read the book or see the movie “Animal Farm.” Guess who the pigs are.


Liberals Anonymous

     Liberals Anonymous is the website for liberals, collectivists, left-wingers, progressives, socialists, statists, communists, fascists and totalitarians (called liberals or IMD [Immature Misology Disorder] patients/sufferers elsewhere) who want to try to anonymously cure their religious faith. So here is some more therapy with a different approach:

     Religion = “a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith”. Liberals are very religious: 1. They believe in a trinity - legislative, executive and judicial branches. 2. They trust their trinity with their life, liberty, property and provisions of happiness. 3. They believe in “ask and you shall receive”. 4. They believe that their trinity cares about them and that their trinity is benevolent, omniscience, omnipotent, omnipresent and near perfect. 5. They fear, depend on and have faith in their trinity. 6. Praise their trinity. 7. They consider it blasphemy to criticize their trinity. There are many other similarities of Liberality and Christianity that are less important. 

     It seems following is hereditary. Humans will follow evil dictators to the point of even killing hundreds to millions of innocent humans just because they believe the lies of dictators. It is also easier to follow than to lead because no thinking, responsibility nor accountability are required. It is no wonder why Americans blindly follow their “leaders”. Liberal history repeats itself. Conservatives learn from history.


      Political Conservative = One who wants to conserve the enforcement of American founding documents, principles and personal responsibility. One who also wants a free market and governments to protect this market, freedom, rights and property and that provides only services that cannot be as effectively provided by individuals (such as defense, roads, fire extinguishing and peace officers) as listed in the federal and State constitutions. “One that advocates or practices individualism.” They see people as individuals and prefer Austrian Economics. Also known as right-winger, individualist, constitutionalist, patriot.

     Characteristics: Individuals are a Primary Quality. Do not trust strangers with power. Prefer government of the people, by the people, for the people - autonomy. Prefer Constitutional Law and Common Law. Open-mindedness varies. Independent.


      Political Liberal = One who wants government to have few limits in power especially at the central level. One who also wants this type of government to provide needs and wants of individuals, especially the poor. “Lacking moral restraint. Not literal.” - Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary. They like to classify people into groups and prefer Keynesian or Marxist Economics. Also known as left-winger, collectivist, statist, progressive, totalitarian.

     Characteristics: Collectivists are a Secondary Quality. Trust strangers who work for government. Prefer government that takes from the “rich” and gives to the “poor” - socialism or communism. Prefer Color of Law. Closed minded to different political points of view. Dependent.


     Individualism = “a doctrine that the interests of the individual are or ought to be ethically paramount.” “a theory maintaining the political and economic independence of the individual and stressing individual initiative, action, and interests.” In reality, some tasks require a permanent group to fairly effectively complete. Individuals have made relatively small groups (called governments) and gave them certain tasks in writing (constitution) to perform for the individuals. The individuals maintain control of the government by elections, complaints, petitions, protests and lawsuits. The individuals have a natural/human right to alter or abolish this group they created to serve them when the group usurps power.

     Paying for police service directly to a police business could work. But it would take time for the police to search the individual who wants their service to see if he/she paid for it. So individuals created a government to provide the police service equally to a community of individuals.

     Characteristics: Maximum freedom. Only the individual suffers when the individual fails. Strong incentive to achieve by gaining the rewards one ones labor. Constitutional in America. Allows self-actualization and creativity. Believe that people are sovereign. Personal power tends to lead to a strong ego in the worst case scenario.


      Collectivism = “a political or economic theory advocating collective [“of, relating to, or being a group of individuals”] control especially over production and distribution or a system marked by such control.” The phrase “group of individuals” does not refer to businesses because it says “group”, not groups. In reality, it is when a relatively small group of individuals (called a central government) decides what is wrong, outlaws it and then forces compliance on other individuals. Some individuals will do what they want and violate the group’s law. When this occurs, the group makes more law(s) restricting actions that may, in their opinion, lead to the violation. When another violation occurs, the group makes more law(s) restricting actions that may, in their opinion, lead to the action(s) that may lead to the violation. The law(s) almost always
applies to every individual as if they all cannot be trusted. Example: 1st you cannot make a bomb. 2nd you cannot buy at the same time the items to make a bomb. 3rd you

cannot possess the items that could be used to make a bomb. 
Characteristics: Little freedom. The nation, society or communities suffer when the group fails. Forced charity. Unconstitutional in America. Work for the group’s goals by compromising. Believe people are subjects or human resources. “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” - Lord Acton.


     Liberals vote for candidates who say they will fix the problems in America, but the problems get worse. Even with a Democrat president, vice president and a majority of Democrats in Congress, the problems get worse. They remind us “the poor get poorer and rich get richer.” How can this be? Liberals will make excuses for this to defend their faith. The most popular scapegoats are Republicans. However, Republican candidates say they will fix the problems and blame Democrats when the problems continue. The real reason the problems continue are Democrats AND Republicans. It is too much of a coincidence that the problems keep steadily getting worse regardless of which party “controls” government. And not by accident or stupidity. No way could both parties have the same accidents and the same results of their stupidity for decades. The real reason for continued problems is the willful and purposeful plotting by Republicrats/Demicans to transfer the people’s political power and their money from the people to government, especially to the federal government. It is not a coincidence that every “solution” to America’s problems transfers more power and money to government. “Climate change”, poverty, terrorism, inflation, war on drugs, etc. all give government our power and our money. And liberals support and defend this transfer with the belief that this is necessary to fix the problems. Yet the people created government to serve them in very limited (constitutional) ways. Should the delegation of authority prohibit the people from using the right from which the authority comes from? Does the servant in government acquire extra rights or power when he/she is hired by the people? If liberals would stop electing politicians who promise to give them things and “fix” the problems, then the pillaging, usurpation, corruption and burdensome taxes could end. But first, people with IMD (liberals) must be cured.

     Liberalism contradicts the writings of the founders of America such as the Declaration of Independence and the U.S.A. Constitution, freedom, basic human nature, operant conditioning, fair and equal treatment of all Americans and reality. It also violates property rights, security, privacy and self-defense. Do you really own private property and is it secure if government can take it without due process or compensation for market value? If you try to defend your property, government will get violent against you. 
     Liberalism has been tried in Russia, Cuba, Germany and more than 50 other nations and it has failed every time and it is failing in AmericaBut maybe liberals want failure. They hate America. They sometimes chant “hey hey ho ho, western cultures got to go.” They often say they want change, but seldom specify what kind of change. Would someone want to change something they like? Maybe a little, but not as much as liberals want. America is much more like what they want politically, economically and socially now yet they still want more change in the same direction. These changes are very contrary to what the founders of America wanted and wrote in our founding documents and elsewhere. The founders wanted a republic, free-market capitalism and personal responsibility; the opposite of liberalism. This is why liberals very seldom mention our founders, our founding documents or our founding principles such as liberty and weak government. Liberals believe the opposite of America’s founding and therefore they are the enemy of America. Liberalism must be defeated before liberals defeat America. Curing liberals of the Immature Misology Disorder will defeat liberalism.
 All quoted definitions are from the Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary by G. & C. Merriam Co., Copyright 1980.

Typical liberal arguments (conservative vs. liberal):
why not read this point of view [conservative point of view]?
Because they are wrong.
how do you know if you have not read it?
Because I know how they think.
How do you know how they think if you have not read any of their information?
I have heard about this before.
How much of it? How do you know this is the same?
Because they say the same thing over and over and I have no time to read it.
     This illustrates closed-mindedness, a lack of knowledge and circular reasoning (repeating the same general response so that the argument goes in circles).


There is no law that requires you to do X.

Yes there is.


I don’t know.

Then how do you know there is such a law?

Because the government enforces it.

How do you know they are enforcing a law and not their will?........

     This illustrates closed-mindedness, lack of knowledge and a defense of their big brother.


“Bush cannot sign a bill into law until Congress gives him a bill to sign. Therefore, it was not a Bush tax cut. And so what if there was a cut. Show me the “law” that says only the poor still had to pay the tax at the same or greater amount.”

You are ridiculous.”

     This is the last part of an actual conversation with a liberal (in bold). This followed other pleas for details of the liberal’s claims. The liberal accused the conservative of “twisting things around” when the conservative distinguished slight differences, for example the difference between republican (form of government. See U.S.A. Constitution article 4, section 4) and a Republican (political party member). Never did the liberal counter with detailed facts or reasoning and several times responded with nothing related to the conversation. If a “fact” was given by the liberal, it was vague (“It was an amendment to the IRS code”). The exact title and section should have been provided if this is how the “Bush tax cut” was created. This illustrates the vagueness of liberal arguments, their lack of knowledge, the belief that all Republicans are conservative, the desperation to defend their baseless point of view, how they either change the subject or do not read all of the opposing view and the name-calling that they almost always resort to when they run out of lame arguments. If he said “that’s ridiculous” then it would not be name-calling. Liberals make political issues personal. Attacking their faith is “blasphemy”.


Questions for you liberals to answer: Can a group have inalienable rights and the individuals that make up that group not have inalienable rights? Are Americans constitutionally required to obey Color of Law? What is the difference between a right and a privilege? Is it easier to follow than to think? Do liberal politicians lie to get hired?


RECOMMENDED READING: Animal House and 1984 by George Orwell, The Anatomy of The State by Murray Rothbard, the Articles of Freedom at and,  the Declaration of Independence, our U.S.A. Constitution and...

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Thank you so much for reading the above information. It should be helpful to conservatives also in that it will help them understand liberals.
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